Making the perfect English Breakfast


The kiwi breakfast, american breakfast and country breakfast are really all just slight modifications to the classic breakfast-of-breakfasts, the full english breakfast.

While the true origins of the english breakfast remain unknown, there is evidence of the big fry-up going back to the mid-19th century and earlier, often in a more lavish form than today's version.

So how does one cook up the perfect english breakfast? I'm sure many people have their own tips and secret methods, but here's a video I've found to help out the unitiated english breakfaster.


[ Here's a link to the video in case it doesn't appear in your browser above. ]

So what makes a kiwi breakfast? Start with a plate of weetbix and milk, and follow with an english breakfast - but skip the black pudding!

And what of the american breakfast? Take your english breakfast, ditch the black pudding but add in some hash browns or waffles.


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