Breakfast On The Beach, At Home

This morning, as I sat in the jumble of my hectic family kitchen, grabbing a couple of slices of toast before rushing out on the school run, my holiday near Tauranga's stunning Papamoa beach seemed like another lifetime. But if I close my eyes, I can remember the daily pleasure of a delicious breakfast on the beach, as I drank a glass of fresh orange juice and relaxed underneath my sunshade, with nowhere else I would rather be and not a care in the world.

Come to think of it, when your surroundings are that beautiful, it doesn't take much to rustle up the ideal breakfast. Just a couple of warm croissants will do it, or perhaps a fresh grapefruit shared with your significant other, sweetened with just a little sugar. Once you get back to reality, however, making the perfect breakfast is a lot more complicated.

So I've been trying to come up with ideas about how to recreate that 'breakfast on the beach' feeling when holidays are just a distant memory, or half thought out plans which might not ever come to fruition. Here are a few of my favourites so far:


You might not associate muesli with holiday fun, but add some fresh pineapple, a handful of dried mango chunks and your favourite yogurt and you'll be well away!

Chocolate Porridge

Summer's long gone, so embrace the winter with this indulgent morning treat. Just add some cocoa powder to your porridge oats - about a tablespoon should do it - and sweeten to taste.

Virgin Cocktails

OK, so your boss might not be too impressed if you turn up at work having started the day with a cheeky Tequila Sunrise as you might on holiday, but you can still enjoy a little tropical flavour if the mood takes you. Try adding mango or pineapple juice to your morning OJ. If you like you can even pop in one of those cute umbrellas too!

Breakfast Quesadillas

My family just love quesadillas at breakfast time on holiday, so why not try them at home? You can add ham or bacon for a more filling experience, and they're also great if you need to eat and run.

Exotic Fruits

Don't just limit yourself to a glass of orange juice at breakfast, experiment! Try Passion Fruit in your cereal, or perhaps some sliced Papaya with yogurt. Yummy!

So there you have it - all the fun and glamour of breakfast on the beach without even leaving your front door. Or some of it anyway. See what ideas you can come up with. If nothing else, at least it'll help you pass the time until your next holiday!

(I'll admit - at times I've thought about moving into a Papamoa home so that I can enjoy a real breakfast on the beach all summer long...)

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Breakfast in Wellington's Cuban Quarter

Business in Wellington with a bit of time to kill? Or on holiday and wanting to try out the tastes of Wellington before heading out for a day of sightseeing?

There's no shortage of great eateries in Wellington's Cuban Quarter.

Take Scopa Cafe for instance - they offer a range of interesting Colazione, including the mouth watering baked ricotta with honey, balsamic, seasonal fruit and grilled bread.

For something a little stronger try Espressoholic (136 Cuba St) with their philosophy 98% caffeine, 2% human and breakfast served all day through till 5pm!

Felix Cafe at the corner of Cuba Street and Wakefield Street is at the crossroads of Cuban Wellington and the central business district. This popular cafe is a great place to enjoy some eggs on toast before spending a day across the road at the Wellington Convention Centre.

Read more about breakfast on Cuba Street here at

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Making the perfect English Breakfast

The kiwi breakfast, american breakfast and country breakfast are really all just slight modifications to the classic breakfast-of-breakfasts, the full english breakfast.

While the true origins of the english breakfast remain unknown, there is evidence of the big fry-up going back to the mid-19th century and earlier, often in a more lavish form than today's version.

So how does one cook up the perfect english breakfast? I'm sure many people have their own tips and secret methods, but here's a video I've found to help out the unitiated english breakfaster.


[ Here's a link to the video in case it doesn't appear in your browser above. ]

So what makes a kiwi breakfast? Start with a plate of weetbix and milk, and follow with an english breakfast - but skip the black pudding!

And what of the american breakfast? Take your english breakfast, ditch the black pudding but add in some hash browns or waffles.

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Possibly the world's fastest toaster?

Toast in 50 seconds. Sounds like a con?

Meet the Turbo Toaster

The turbo toaster works by sucking air in through a big fan while heating it and blowing it against the toasting bread.

This supa-doopa prototype turbo toaster was designed by then-student Oliver Newberry for Heinz in London.

The UK's daily mail quotes Mr Newberry's inspiration for the toaster as solving the problem of cold beans on toast.

The turbo toaster prototype was released towards the end of 2007 with rumours it could hit the markets within a year, but sadly we've yet to see any lining the shelves of Briscoes, Farmers or other toaster retailers. So for now it seems we'll just have to put up with your regular 2.5 minute toast.

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The 4 minute breakfast cooker

If you love your eggs on toast but are always rushing off to work in the morning, we've found you the the perfect quick-breakfast solution... The Back to Basics 'TEM500' Egg-and-Muffin 2 slice toaster with built-in egg poacher.

Rumour has it that this toast-and-egg breakfast machine is intelligent too - one buyer was surprised to learn how the toaster arranges to have the toast and eggs ready at exactly the same time: "They have it so that if the toast/english muffin is done first, that it will revert to a hold & warm position and wait for the egg to finish".

Now if you need a four-minute-breakfast-for-two (or you're just a big-stomached type), Back to Basics still have the answer, namely the 'TEM4500' 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster. That's really something!

And where can you get one of these time-saving toasters? They're available through amazon in the US for around $US30 - $US60 but postage is probably that again. We haven't seen them in NZ yet, but they're sure to be here somewhere - if you find one on sale then please let us know.

We realise that four minutes is still too long for some of you to wait for breakfast - you know... an extra three minutes sleep in the morning would make a world of difference. If this sounds like you, then check out this jet-powered toaster - it's still a prototype but may be the answer to your breakfast dreams!